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Guiding Principles

Since we were founded in 1990, our mission has been to assist our clients to improve their business performance and profitability in a sustainable manner, and to make an impressionable contribution to the maximisation of shareholder value.

This mission is supported by six key values that drive us to succeed.

Firstly, Our Clients' Interests Always Come First.
We have found from experience that if we serve our clients well, we will be successful. Working alongside our clients, we secure the best possible results from each and every assignment.

Secondly, We are Uncompromising in Our Rigour and Analysis.
We employ a rigorous and thorough research and consulting methodology that has been tried and tested in a wide variety of industries and consulting settings. This ensures that our recommendations are based on the right facts surrounding our client's company, industry and the specific challenge. We are proud of the quality of our work, and possess an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in every assignment we undertake.

Thirdly, Our Assets are our People, Knowledge and Reputation.
If any of these are ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore. We are therefore dedicated to continually nurturing and protecting these. By doing so, we can better serve our clients.

Fourthly, We Demand More from Ourselves Than Anyone Else Could Possibly Expect.
Our recommendations are based upon innovative and creative thinking, which in turn is dependent upon our rigorous methodology. Moreover, we stress creativity and imagination in everything we do, and we constantly strive to find the best solution to our clients' challenges.

Fifthly, We Want to Be the Best in Our Field and to be Recognised as such by Our Clients.
To be the best, one has to consistently obtain good results. Whatever assignment we undertake, our focus is on getting breakthrough results for our clients that will improve their business performance and contribute towards their profitability. To help us achieve this, we stress teamwork. Although individual creativity is encouraged, we have found that teamwork often produces the best results.

Finally, Client Confidentiality is Paramount.
During the course of each assignment we become privy to confidential information regarding our client's business. To breach client confidentiality is unthinkable. Integrity and honesty lies at the heart of our practice. We expect our people to maintain these principles in their professional as well as in their private lives. All of our consultants are required to enter into a strict confidentiality agreement.