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Sharing Cutting Edge Knowledge

Our training programmes employ cutting edge, outcomes based educational technology, and are developed in conjunction with specialists in educational psychology. The training and learning philosophy adopted by The Dorrian Consulting Group is to ensure that our programmes are industry, company and job orientated, thereby serving the specific needs of each client. Moreover, we regularly develop new programmes, thereby ensuring that our clients are constantly kept up to date with the latest thinking within our fields of expertise.


Training Programmes:

  1. Spectacular Service I
    How to Build and Sustain Unbeatable Customer Loyalty
  2. Spectacular Service II
    The Way Forward: Towards Service Superiority
  3. Spectacular Service III
    The Final Breakthrough: Sustaining Service Superiority
  4. Profitable Selling
    How to Turn Your Sales Team into World Class Performers
  5. Improving Personal Performance
    A Self Development Programme to Improve Employee Performance and Productivity
  6. Teambuilding Through Creative Problem Solving
    Using Creative Problem Solving to Build World Class Teams
  7. Improving Employee Wellness
    Creating a Harmonious Workplace in Just 20 Minutes a Day