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A Look at our Capability

Our experience covers a wide range of industries and activities both in South Africa and in the global environment.

Covers machinery and equipment manufacture, and parts wholesaling.

Service to clients in the fields of automotive components and supplies, with special emphasis on strategic development and customer service capability.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Covers a wide variety of manufactured consumer goods sectors including general food, cosmetics, snack foods, dairy products, footwear, frozen foods and household appliances.

Across the board advice to footwear component, extrusion, industrial filtration, electronics, engineering and industrial tool manufacturing organisations.

Assistance to clients in the development of a greater sense of global competitiveness via more acute strategic thinking and service delivery.

Assistance to clients in architectural, insurance, evaluation and legal professions.

Assistance to retailers in the food, clothing, horticulture, departmental store, publishing and travel sectors with emphasis on improving the performance and transformation of their operations through superiority in marketing and service delivery.

Advice to clients in a wide range of service sectors including security, industrial services, advertising related services, real estate, shipping, road transport, industrial and commercial catering, mail order, publishing and education.

Experience covers a wide range of activities within the electricity and water utilities.

A wide range of advice in the forestry, aluminium, media, pharmaceutical wholesaling and industrial supplies industries.