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The Benefits of our Expertise

Every year The Dorrian Consulting Group undertakes many assignments for its clients. Below are some examples.

Service Improvement via Staff Satisfaction at an Agricultural Company.

This British subsidiary of a Dutch based multinational agricultural organisation risked losing ground to its competitors in a tough marketplace unless it improved its customer service. Our analysis identified that staff satisfaction and job involvement issues were critical precursors to any external customer service improvement. Our consultants successfully conducted a company wide organisational climate survey which pinpointed internal weaknesses which were creating barriers to internal as well as external service improvement. As a result of the findings, we then assisted the client to create the relevant infrastructure to deal with the problems that had been identified and to improve staff satisfaction and job involvement. Subsequent customer research indicated that external customer service has also improved considerably.

Marketing Strategy for a Leading Household Appliance Organisation.

A leading South African household appliance organisation, which is part of a German multinational concern, and which markets a number of the world's best known brands, realised it needed to redefine the manner in which it did business with its Distributors and end users. After a rigorous and thorough analysis not only of the client company, but also of all aspects of its industry, we recommended a holistic approach to the challenge. Working in conjunction with our client, we developed a strategy and created a suitable implementation infrastructure. By bringing key stakeholders into the process, we not only successfully implemented the strategy, but also helped to create an environment of success inside the organisation. Judging by the favourable response from Distributors and end users alike, the company has made huge gains in its marketplace.

Improved Competitiveness in the Security Industry.

The Directors at one of South Africa's largest security companies had just overseen the restructuring of their entire organisation. The CEO approached The Dorrian Consulting Group with a mandate to help make the company globally competitive. After a series of in ? depth discussions between the Directors and representatives from The Dorrian Consulting Group, we recommended a complete analysis of the business and its industry. We spent several months analysing the company from top to bottom, speaking with customers and conducting an extensive organisational climate survey amongst the employees at all levels in the organisation. After the findings of our analysis had been presented to our client company's Directors, we developed a course of action aimed at improving its level of competitiveness. The component parts of this involved systems design and/or re ? design, the development and implementation of both strategic and marketing infrastructures and a full service strategy, all of which saw company employees and customers brought into the process. The end result was an organisation better positioned to compete in a hypercompetitive market.

Training a British IT Company.

A well known British IT company whose clients include most of the world's leading software producers required extensive customer service training in order to improve the skills of its employees. The Dorrian Consulting Group successfully developed an outcomes ? based experiential programme utilising the most up to date and proven educational technology to be found anywhere in the world. Our facilitators successfully conducted the programme, focusing on customer service skills that contribute greatly to developing and sustaining unbeatable customer loyalty. The global training manager of a multinational customer, who attended one of the programmes, complimented the innovative teaching methodology that was employed.

Improving the Strategic Capability of an Automotive Supplier.

One of South Africa's leading automotive suppliers, whose customers include most of the world's best known automotive brands needed better direction in the marketplace. The Group Managing Director contacted The Dorrian Consulting Group to ask for assistance in this regard. Our interaction led to the development of a strategic infrastructure which resolved their challenge, and set them on a new course into the global arena, where currently they are doing exceptionally well. As part of South African industry's surge into the global marketplace, this client has successfully opened up new markets