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Our vision, to become a world class organisation lead to the formation of a now 7 year friendship, with Mr Paul Dorrian. The intelligence and knowledge that he possesses can dissolve what we once considered, an "unassailable mountain" We have greatly benefited, from his guidance, and will continue our friendship, even after our goals have been achieved.

Paul is an outstanding individual, guide, business "partner" and friend.

Abdul Tayoob

Chief Executive
The Bakers Group of Companies

We were very pleased with the training that Paul conducted with our front-line staff. His careful preparation was a clear indication of his professionalism and adaptability. He spent much time with management discussing what we required, and how he could adapt to our needs. Paul's style of training meant that the participants enjoyed their involvement and learned a great deal while having loads of fun. They came away with practical solutions to personal issues, renewed confidence, and having also identified issues for improvement within the organisation that were discussed with management.

Ian Webster
Assistant HR Manager
The Natal Witness Printing & Publishing Company (Pty) Ltd

Paul combines abundant knowledge and obvious passion for service superiority in a unique and humorous way to deliver a true 'golden moment' at that crucial 'moment of truth'. The principles we learned from Paul continue to resonate every time we interact with anyone to whom we deliver service - be it a colleague, friend or customer. As a result, Somta has greatly benefited through aligning each individual’s understanding on what it truly means to get ahead through service superiority.

Allan Conolly
Managing Director
Somta Tools

I have worked with Paul in my capacity as CEO of H&M Rollers and its predecessors for the past 20 years, having employed his services as both a consultant and a speaker. His consulting skills are particularly valuable in analysing a company’s strengths and weaknesses in the market place, and persuading its key stakeholders not only to choose the best way forward, but also the best way to get there. As a speaker, his extensive experience and the excellent books he has authored, form a rock solid foundation from which to delight his audiences, and amongst many other things – motivate them to delight their customers.

Tony Hesp
Former Chairman
H&M Rollers

I am honoured to share my valuable association with Paul Dorrian, whom I have known for many years in both a personal and professional capacity. Paul's focus on the maximisation of Human and Asset Capital has enabled him to contribute positively to the growth and competitiveness of many organisations and individuals. His approach to add value to each project is informed by, pure talent, professionalism, sound ethics and commitment.

Baybz Rahiman
Former Human Resources Manager
Prilla 2000

Due to Paul`s extensive consulting experience he possesses the ability to grasp situations quickly. This coupled to his astute strategic orientation enables him to formulate strategies that will impact positively. One of Paul`s areas of particular strength, is in understanding the value of the customer service component. In this frequently ignored or under-resourced area his input and training can make marked differences to staff attitudes and thus productivity and results.

Mark Saunders
Managing Director
Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances
Australia and New Zealand

Our very successful Service Excellence Strategy came about under the professional guidance of The Dorrian Consulting Group.

Patrick Kime
General Manager, NCT Forestry Co-operative Limited

Our company has benefited greatly from our involvement with The Dorrian Consulting Group and in particular with Paul Dorrian. There is no doubt in my mind that if one practices what Paul teaches, customer loyalty will improve and one's company will grow.

Dave Birkett
Managing Director, Enforce Security Services

Their experience, expertise and professional insights have influenced many of our marketing decisions, and we have consistently reaped the benefits of their input and guidance.

Elaine Kooiman
Managing Director


Meet Paul Dorrian
Principal Consultant

Paul has over twenty years experience as a management consultant, and has directed many projects in the fields of strategy, marketing and organisational effectiveness. His expertise has assisted many of South Africa's leading companies across numerous industries and national backgrounds....
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