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Dancing with the Customer

This practical book begins with guidelines for executives and managers on how to develop a competitive frame of mind. Part Two focuses on how to create the proper service infrastructure. Part Three explores the behaviour of employees in interactions with customers. And Part Four provides some fundamental reminders regarding customer service.

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The Making of South Africa Inc.

The Making of South Africa Inc. presents a strategic paradigm that may assist South Africa, the nation, and its business corporations to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.


Marketing Magic

Published through Zebra Press, Marketing Magic highlights South African success stories in the marketing arena. It proved most popular in this country, and has even become a source of analysis for a number of our academic institutions.


Intensive Customer Care

Published through Zebra Press, this book became a best seller in South Africa and has featured on a number of local MBA programmes. Covering the key elements of customer service thinking, it guides the reader into developing an effective service strategy within his or her organisation.


Managing The Smaller Firm

If the small business sector in South Africa is to prosper, it needs exposure to more and better information and training - especially insofar as managing a small firm is concerned.

Meet Paul Dorrian
Principal Consultant

Paul has over twenty years experience as a management consultant, and has directed many projects in the fields of strategy, marketing and organisational effectiveness. His expertise has assisted many of South Africa's leading companies across numerous industries and national backgrounds....
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